During winter and spring, most of the deer in Germany are grouped together to increase their chance to survive the cold season. However in winter as a naturephotographer we shouldn’t disturb the game to much, because the stress could easily kill them during times of small available food resources. However in spring the time changes. … Continue reading “Springdeer”

Batwomen (and) -men

Here are some bat pictures I took during working the summer in an ecological institution! Nearly all bats are highly protected in Germany and the rest of the EU, so please, never ever try to catch one by yourself for photography purposes! And of course, don’t disturbe their habitats, pictures are not worth to extinct … Continue reading “Batwomen (and) -men”

Autumnal Dreams

Welcome back guys! I wasn‘t lazy the last weeks, and so I spent quite a time outside searching for some macro motives. Well, it’s autumn and that’s normally the time for mushrooms. By playing with an external light source you can give the mushrooms a special look! I would say, you can turn them into … Continue reading “Autumnal Dreams”

Summer in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is a nationalpark in south-eastern Germany. Actually it was our first national park founded in late 1970. Since it‘s expansion in 1992 it covers an area of about 24 square kilometers. Together with it‘s neighbor, the Czech Bohemian forest the total covered area is the largest forest in Central Europe! This makes … Continue reading “Summer in the Bavarian Forest”

Summer of Nature Photography

What’s up guys, September is back, and that means a whole summer of naturephotography is left behind. The days are much shorter now and the mornings are already getting foggy. And on top of that the weather is getting colder, so it’s time to have a little throwback on photography summer 2018! Summer 2018 was … Continue reading “Summer of Nature Photography”

Augsburg Zoo

As you may know I grew up in the area of Augsburg. Because of my love to animals my parents spent much time with me in Augsburg‘s Zoo. After growing up I have not visited the zoo until 2015. Returning back that year was not only an opportunity for awesome pictures, it was also a … Continue reading “Augsburg Zoo”

Nuremberg Zoo

Most of time you want to see the animals in the wilderness! But can you afford traveling all the time to their natural habitats? I guess not! That‘s why I like visiting zoos or wildlifeparks, like Nuremberg Zoo. Institutions like this can give you awesome opportunities for taking pictures. Unlike other naturephotographers I don‘t think … Continue reading “Nuremberg Zoo”

Heligoland 2018

March 2018 was the third time I came to Heligoland. But this time was completely different. The Goal for the five days was just photography, nothing else! Pictures were taken at the bird cliffs, the beaches or the dune, a small island off the main island! If you like seals, waders or other different kind … Continue reading “Heligoland 2018”

Africa 2017

During summer 2017 I spent four weeks in the Greater Kruger Area, South Africa. The wildlife down there is awesome! If you tell people about going on Safari in Africa most of them think about the Big 5. But they are not the only sensation. For Naturelovers the birds are interesting, too. With beautiful colors, … Continue reading “Africa 2017”

Maldives 2015

In 2015 I had the opportunity to visit the Maldives. My family and I spent two weeks on a island located in North Male Atoll. We enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, incredible reefs and awesome plants and animals. In 2014 our island had a very well conservatded nature. The reef was one of the most colorful … Continue reading “Maldives 2015”