Summer of Nature Photography

What’s up guys, September is back, and that means a whole summer of naturephotography is left behind. The days are much shorter now and the mornings are already getting foggy. And on top of that the weather is getting colder, so it’s time to have a little throwback on photography summer 2018!

Summer 2018 was incredible. I’ve never experienced such an hot and sunny summer in my life time. That meant I enjoyed the cooler mornings in the hide by a lake or spent the evening under the shady trees in the local park. But wait, what is hotness and dryness also good for? Of course, the insects! I although did some insect-tours with the macro lens. And what was on July 27th? The total lunar eclipse made the moon shine beautifully bloody, so I went out in the mountains to capture this with my camera. Milky Way pictures are although not missing!



Those pictures were taken with the macro lens. You can see the Nomada lathburiana, a species of hoverfly, a green shield bug Palomena prasina, a Chorthippus brunneus and two other kind of grasshoppers. What I like most at macro photography is the possibility of making something visible which is not visible with just the human eye. In combination with a fully blurred background you can create awesome images. And the best thing: Insects are everywhere!



For the best view at the solar eclipse on July, 27th I climbed the Schneeberg in the German Fichtel Mountains. There is nearly no light pollution, and it’s also great for photographing the Milky Way. But make sure to start your evening during sunset, otherwise you’ll miss the beautiful colors!

I hope you like this years photographs and I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy the next coming projects! The only thing I want to say now: It’s getting wild and dangerous!

Greetings, Jonathan