Maldives 2015

In 2015 I had the opportunity to visit the Maldives. My family and I spent two weeks on a island located in North Male Atoll. We enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, incredible reefs and awesome plants and animals. In 2014 our island had a very well conservatded nature. The reef was one of the most colorful ones and the nice green jungle between the tourist‘s Apartments offered a lot of other animals space to live. And luckily the management tried it’s best to offer their guests this awesome experience. But unfortunately in 2016 the heat wave killed nearly all of the corals in the house reef there. The higher water temperatures made the corals spilling out their Zooxanthellae, small endosymbiontic Protists. Climate change does have a HUGE impact on our nature!

However I was not able to visit the Maldives this year, so I can not tell how the situation is there on location, but I will be there again one day…

Until then: Enjoy my old gallery!