Autumnal Dreams

Welcome back guys!

I wasn‘t lazy the last weeks, and so I spent quite a time outside searching for some macro motives. Well, it’s autumn and that’s normally the time for mushrooms. By playing with an external light source you can give the mushrooms a special look! I would say, you can turn them into some magic mushrooms!

The drought and it’s consequences

As you maybe had heard the summer 2018 was very hot and dry. Especially the lost of water made the leaves to fall of about one month earlier. But the consequences for mushrooms were much stronger. They need a lot of water to grow, and that means there was no opportunity to for them to grow. I spent four days outside and only found one location with beautiful mushrooms to take pictures of.

Other autumnal miracles

Imagine you are out searching for some macro motives. Insects have already disappeared because of the colder temperatures, mushrooms are dried out and plants already lost interesting structures. Then it’s time for you to search some mosses.

I hope you like those pictures, and be surprised what I will publish the next weeks! All I can say is: It’s getting dark and cold 😉