Sea dance

You wanna learn more about the creative work I’ve done during the last years? Here is my portfolio!


Here you can check out my latest photographs! I can highly recommend the Images of my the last South Africa trip, or if you like colder climates more you can enjoy for example Helgoland! But of course there are also portraits of some fish, birds and plants. If you like some experimental stuff, check for example the Nuremberg Rampen Gallery!


Well, films… I started filming nature in the age of twelve. Of course all the clips are not quality enough for todays publishings, that’s why there is no opportunity for you to watch those clips. With my first DSLR in 2012 I stopped filming wildlife and started taking pictures. I started filming again in 2018 at a trip to Helgoland with my awesome friend Max and continued doing it from now. Topics I am working with are -of course- nature, traveling, science or pets, my biggest hobby after biology!