Nature, Wildlife, Science – the slogan of my website symbolizes all the things I love. And that’s what my homepage is all about!


Nature, wether being outside for an adventure or just for relaxing, it’s always awesome! You can enjoy the silence out there, you can feed on the fruits provided by nature or you can try to reveal the secrets outdoor.

Sunset Scenery

Sunset scenery from the cliffs of Heligoland.

With all the different faces of nature there’s no day like the other. Sometimes the light is different, sometimes the weather or sometimes your subjective perspective. You can have such different kind of experiences, and that’s the best wage for your strains.


Wildlife, wether small and shy or big and dangerous, there is probably no change to have the same experience two times. For me the difference between wildlife and nature is, that wildlife are all the moving parts in nature. With nature I mean the scenery where the wildlife lives. What is my work with wildlife? Most of the time I am taking photographs of animals, so I am searching them out in nature. But it’s not all about bringing them on the sensor of my camera, sometimes you need to explore them further. That’s the point where science begins!

Collision Course

A male gannet right at the arrival in front of the nest.


As a young biologist I am learning a lot about the science in nature. I’m able to identify local insects, I can tell you the basics about ecology or explain the behavior of an animal. But please, dont’t leave the website! I don’t want to republicate scientific work for other scientist, I want to bring science close to you! My aim is it to bring the fascinating facts of science back to the public. I want to inspirate, educate and entertain you!


But what are possible topics I am working on? Well, first of all I want to inform you about keeping tropical pets. Further I am planning on doing expeditions into my local nature. We will search for insects, birds or mammals. But please, don’t expect Lions or Tigers all the time! I AM planning safaris, but NOT all the time! If I read a new publication I want to explain it’s content in an accurate but easy to understand form. Be surprised!